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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Home Cold And Hot Ro Water Purifier

Colorful panels can be easily changed. High capacity of hot and cold water. Hot/cold/room temperature water; Smart programmable settings. Smart system diagnosis; Auto Dispensing Option. 1-touch dispensing. Re-boil option. Child protection lock. Hot water protection lock. Fitler replacement indicator. Simple DIY filter replacement. Energy saving timer. Sleep mode....
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Home cold and hot ro water purifier

Cartridge PP+GAC+CTO+RO+Post Carbon 
Pump Style Booster Pump
RO membrane 75 Gallon RO membrane
Pump Style 75 Gallon Water Pump 
Water Tank  7 L
Hot Water Temperature 85℃-95℃
Heating Power 500 W
Cold Water Temperature 4℃-10℃
Water Saving 1:1
Rated Voltage 220V/110V
Frequency 50/60HZ 
Size 570*180*410mm
Accessories water switch valve,PE tube,Shut off value,screw set



1. PP filter cartridge: It can remove the dust, iron taste, mud from the water, available with 5 micron.
2. GAC filter cartridge:  Tt is available with coconut carbon and coal carbon, which can remove chlorine and bad smell in the water, to make sure the water doesn't have any bad taste.
3. CTO filter cartridge: It will further remove the bad taste in the water.
4. RO membrane: It is the core part of the machine, it will remove all bacterial and virus from the water, it will make the water be absolutely clean and drinkable.
5. Small T33: Water directly from RO, may it do not having very good taste, the post carbon will improve and adjust your taste.



Q1:How to place an order? What about prices?

A1:Please send an inquiry or contact with online service, after receiving your inquiry

     we will reply you with prices and information; Or catalog with full prices, thank you. .

Q2:What is your minimum order requirement?

A2:Yes,to support your business, we accept sample order, trial order to

     test our products and your market. thank you!

Q3:What is your payment terms?

A3:Paypal, western union,T/T, L/C, or Escrow, MoneyGram.Thank you.

Q4:Do you provide OEM,ODM,customized manufacturing service?

A4:Yes,we warmly welcome your customized requirement, and we have more than 20

     engineers who can realize youridea specifications on paper easily and turn them into

     the specific goods.We are sure to be your unique and reliablepartner of ODM/OEM

     business.Thank you!

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