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When Should The Filter Element Be Changed In The Water Purifier
Dec 17, 2018

One of the following conditions indicates that the filter element has been replaced:

1. The flow rate of the effluent is small and cannot meet the normal needs (indicating that the filter element is clogged, the filter element should be cleaned to restore normal flow). After cleaning, the flow rate is still small and cannot meet the demand;

2, the taste of the water drop is close to the tap water, that is, the chlorine smell of the tap water cannot be removed, indicating that the activated carbon filter element has been adsorbed and saturated, and the activated carbon is invalid;

3. After the softened core is regenerated, the softening function cannot be restored or the softening effect cannot be achieved;

4, the filter use time reaches two years.

If the above conditions occur during the use of the water purifier, please pay attention to the timely replacement of the filter element.

What is the concept of filter life? Is it measured by time or by how much water is filtered?

The filter replacement cycle of a household water purifier is determined by the quality of the filter element, the filtered water quality, and the amount of filtered water. Usually the user will ask how much time the filter can be used, or ask how much water the filter can filter. This asks about the life of the filter. How much time or how much water is used to represent filter life is a common expression, but not a scientific representation. Both representations are extremely inaccurate. The scientific representation should refer to the amount of contaminants handled by the filter element.

For example, a filter can handle 200g of pollutants, we distribute 200g of pollutants evenly in 1 ton of purified water, using this water as raw water. If the filter is used for filtration, the life of the filter is 1 ton of water; if we distribute 200 g of contaminant evenly in 10 ton of purified water, this water is used as raw water. It is also filtered with the filter element, which has a life of 10 tons of water. This fully explains how much water is used to indicate the irrationality of the filter life.

The water purifier sometimes runs for 1 hour a day, sometimes for 3 hours, and sometimes for a few days (business trip, no one at home), so it is even more unreasonable to use how many days to describe the life of the water purifier filter.

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