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Reverse Osmosis Principle Of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Equipment
Dec 17, 2018

Reverse osmosis water purification equipment is among the best in the water treatment industry. Its function is much better than that of ultrafiltration membrane. It uses high energy reverse osmosis principle to work. Here is a brief introduction to its principle:

First, the principle of post-processing

1. The post-treatment part is mainly to further treat the pure water taken by the main mechanism of reverse osmosis, if the subsequent process is connected to ion exchange or electrodeionization equipment.

2, you can make industrial ultra-pure water, if it is used in the civil direct drinking water process, it is often followed by the elimination of the bacteria device.

Second, the pretreatment principle of reverse osmosis water purification equipment

1. It consists of quartz sand filter device, activated carbon filter device and filter device. The main purpose is to remove sediment, rust, colloidal substances, suspended solids, pigments, odors and biochemical organic substances contained in raw water, and reduce the residual ammonia value of water. Harmful substances such as pollution.

2. It is a set of water treatment system organized around the reverse osmosis membrane. A complete reverse osmosis system consists of a pretreatment part, a reverse osmosis main unit (membrane filtration part), a post-treatment part and a system cleaning part.

3. Reverse osmosis interpretation of reverse osmosis water purification equipment

1. Place the same volume of dilute solution and concentrated seawater or brine on each side of a container.

2. The middle is blocked by a semi-permeable membrane. The solvent in the dilute solution will naturally pass through the semi-permeable membrane and flow to the side of the concentrated solution.

3. The liquid level on the side of the concentrated solution will be higher than the liquid level of the dilute solution, forming a pressure difference and reaching the equilibrium state of permeation.

4. The pressure difference is the osmotic pressure. The size of the osmotic pressure is determined by the type of the concentrated liquid. The concentration and temperature are independent of the properties of the semipermeable membrane.

5. If a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution side, the solvent in the concentrated solution will flow toward the dilute solution, and the flow direction of the solvent is opposite to the original infiltration direction.

The reverse osmosis water purification equipment also has a mechanical filter, which has low requirements on water quality. The main purpose of the equipment is to protect the membrane of the equipment from large particles, thereby prolonging its service life, and the filtered water is very clean and hygienic. .

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