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Air purifier maintenance and repair 1 minute to understand
Feb 27, 2019

As air pollution becomes more and more serious, most people are gradually aware of the harm of air pollution to human health, which directly promotes the rapid development of the air purifier industry, especially the domestic air purifier. In this environment, almost Become a necessity in family life. However, the air purifier is a household appliance after all. In the process of using it, we will definitely encounter some problems. Then we will analyze how to deal with these problems.

Simply put, an air purifier is a small household appliance that can improve indoor air quality. It can adsorb and decompose various air pollutants in indoor air, such as dust, PM2.5, PM0.3 and other particulate matter and formaldehyde, benzene. TVOC and other toxic and harmful gases, while also eliminating microbial contamination such as bacteria and viruses, thereby achieving the goal of improving air quality. And we only have a better understanding of the structure of the air purifier, in order to better solve the possible failures. The air purifier usually consists of a high-voltage circuit, a negative ion generator, a ventilator, a filter, and the like. When the air purifier is in operation, the ventilator circulates air in the space, and the polluted air passes through the air filter. Clear or adsorb various pollutants, then generate a DC high voltage through a negative ion generator installed in the air outlet to continuously ionize the air, generate a large amount of negative ions, send out from the tuyere, form a negative ion wind, neutralize the positively charged dust and bacteria in the air. To achieve the role of purifying the air. Then what problems do air purifiers generally cause, and how do we solve them? The Northumberg air purifier is used for the diagnosis.

Fault 1: The high voltage indicator does not light, the fan does not turn

In general, if the fan does not turn on, the fuse of the power supply is blown or the circuit generated by the high voltage is faulty. You can check the following steps:

1. Check if the fuse is blown. If it is broken, check the cause and replace it.

2. Check if the booster transformer coil is burnt out. Use a multimeter to measure its resistance. If the coil is open or shorted, replace the same type of transformer.

3. Check whether the rectifier tube and capacitor of the voltage doubler rectifier circuit are damaged, and whether the oscillator stops vibration. Use a multimeter to detect the relevant components one by one, and then replace the burnt components to eliminate the fault.

Fault 2: The high voltage indicator is on, but the fan does not turn.

The high-voltage indicator light is on, indicating that the circuit generated by the high voltage of the power supply is normal, and the fan may be faulty. Therefore, check if the fan blade is stuck by foreign matter. If the fan needs to be replaced, replace it with the same specification.

Fault three: low concentration of negative ion output

There may be too much dust on the filter and negative ion generator, or it may be caused by too low a high pressure. The dirt on the filter and the electrode can be removed first. If it is invalid, check the circuit generated by the high voltage. Check the step-up transformer, rectifier, capacitor, etc. with a multimeter.


In general, the correct use can reduce the failure rate of the air purifier, that is, it is necessary to regularly clean and replace the filter screen to avoid secondary pollution caused by saturation of the filter screen and reduced purification efficiency.

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