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5 Stage Air Filter Filter Pm2.5 Air Purifier

The HEPA Fresh Plus has three distinct layers to offer you protection from strong fumes and smoke odors. The first layer is the washable pre-filter which helps to remove all of the larger particulates from the air. The second layer is the HEPA Pure layer that traps the dust, pollen, and allergens and is essential in keeping your air clean and pure. The last layer is the Activated Carbon layer that reduces and absorbs smoke, cleaning solution fumes and toxic smells that can cause respiratory issues. The HEPA Fresh Plus filter layer is your go-to filter for areas affected by wildfire or rooms where heavy cleaning smells linger such as kitchens, utility rooms, and playrooms or for people who are sensitive to VOC’s....
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5 stage air filter filter pm2.5 air purifier

PM 2.5 Detection
Filter Replace Reminder function
Odor (air quality) sensors

Comfortable, Quiet Air Purifier for Your Family. Shhh. the Baby is Asleep!
Built with your comfort in mind, the air purifier operates with our Technology so you can rest peacefully.

4 Fan speed options; the lowest produces such a small frequency, we equate it to a whisper.

On the turbo fan setting the emits a frequency called pink noise which is a lower tone then the white noise you may be familiar with and it sounds like a gentle rainfall.

Product Details

Filter PP Pre Filter+HEPA+Carbon Filter+Cold catalyst+Anion Filter
Particulate CADR  220 M³/H
Anion concentrations 8 million
Usable Area  20 ㎡ —35 ㎡
Working Humidity  Lesss than 85%
Power 40 W
Warranty 1 year
Electric Motor copper
Voltage 220 V
N.W 5.5 KG
Machine 330*220*505mm
G.W 6.5 KG
One Carton 3 sets
Carton Box Size 714*375*565mm
Accessories remote control,manual



1. What is the MOQ ? Can you provide the sample?

    Yes. MOQ is 50 pcs. We can support sample for reference.

2. Only this size products we can choice?

    No. We can do it as your request in the case of reasonable.

3. Can you product goods use the materials we need?

    Sure. We can do our best to make you satisfied.

4. Can I make my own logo and color in box?

    Yes. OEM & ODM are all available. Customers can design their own products.

5. How long is your production lead time?

    1-2 weeks general order and 2-3 weeks large order.

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    Add: No.1, Shisheng Road, Kengzi Street, Pingshan Dist, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Tel: +86-755-84869320
    Mob: +8618025459575

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